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Enhanced Rebal Process

Strategic Financial Group has uniquely positioned our investment management process through our proprietary Enhanced Rebal process. We manage multiple strategies from conservative to aggressive risk objectives. The Enhanced Rebal process is infused into each portfolio strategy we manage and helps our clients get the most from their experience with us by offering four primary benefits:

A Hands on approach

While most firms have outsourced their investments to mutual fund companies and third-party money managers, we have the experience and expertise to offer our clients true in-house management of their assets. 

Closer Communication

This management choice allows and requires us to communicate more closely with our clients regarding the purpose, performance, and process of the accounts holding their hard-earned money.

Unique Investment Tone

The increased flexibility we have through this process allows us to strike a unique tone between “buy and hold” and "tactical" investment strategies that other firms aren’t willing or able to do. We can take advantage of shorter-term market opportunities while staying within specified guidelines and by continually monitoring your accounts for opportunities within your unique risk tolerance/preferences.

Disciplined & Strategic

Our goal is always to do the best we can with what you've entrusted to us. We delight in being strategic (it's in our name) and remain disciplined in finding opportunities on your behalf. What you allow us to manage is precious to you and us - we will communicate with and educate you to your personal comfort level at each meeting we have. 

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